So many new vehicles

This year has been filled with new adventures for me. A lot has changed in these short six months and a lot is going to be changing. For instance I am a proud new (partial) owner to this baby. Its so ridiculously lifted that I can't see over the hood. My head is barely at the top of the door handle. By no means am I complaining. Dodge has run deep in my blood for some time now, always been one of those dodge girls. As you can imagine what kind of car am I going to be buying this month? You guessed it a Dodge! At the end of the month I am going to make the plunge to be in debt a little over ten thousand dollars to own one of these babies. For all of you non car lovers that would be a Dodge Avenger. I'm putting a pretty good size chunk of change down on her but still that's a pretty big step for a twenty something year old. If you knew all the other changes going on you'd probably call me crazy.

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