Well howdy,
Welcome to my blog, so glad you could make it. I hope you have time to stay awhile. Feel free to look around and take a peak at my pages and anything else you feel like doing. I love hearing from my readers, don't be shy.

A little more about me and my story:
My names Sabrina and I am a twenty something year old with a bad case of ADHD. I've lived in a couple different places and have settled in Washington, for now. I grew up in the suburbs and have become quite the country gal. You will most likely read me saying y'all from time to time. I use commas more than I probably should. I'm indecisive and am pretty good at mud wrestling. The pinkie promise means a lot to me and I work full time in a pediatric unit. I currently travel anywhere adventure calls. I love doing things off my bucketlist as much as I can and also trying new things.

About this blog:
These are the stories of my everyday life, an online diary if you may. I've never been good at keeping them you can tell by my dozen of half empty books that I've vowed to write in. Obviously they didn't workout so well so thus blogging began. Two years later I'm still blogging and its picked up from there. You will most likely read things involving anything from love, adventures, work, occasional DIY, venting and other random entertaining things. I love my blog and I can only hope that you'll be a part of it.

If you want to get ahold of me try emailing me at sabrinabea (at) ( hotmail ) (.com)