herBucket list

[]Paint a huge painting using my favorite colors.
[]Take photos underwater.
[]Stay up and watch the sunrise with someone.
[]Get every tattoo I've ever wanted.
[]Ride a horse.
[]Own a collection of high-end makeup.
[]Buy a homeless person a full meal.
[]Finish an entire coloring book.
[]Host a lemonade stand.
[]Own something by betsey johnson.
[]Kiss under mistletoe.
[]Paint something on canvas.
[]Own a cute phone cover.
[]Own a dream catcher made by a real Indian.
[]Redesign my bedroom.
[]Run through a field of sunflowers.
[]Have a tea party.
[]Finish a whole tube of chapstick.
[]Wear a corset.
[]Order tons of food from room service.
[]Autograph something.
[]Tie dye a shirt.
[]Visit a walk-through aquarium.
[]Own a pitbull.
[]Let go of one hundred balloons at one time.
[]Take up yoga.
[]Volunteer at an animal shelter.
[]Kiss under a waterfall.
[]Legally race in a nice car.
[]Get my portrait painted by a street artist.
[]Adopt a pet from the animal shelter.
[]Solve a Rubik cube
[]Take make-up lessons with a make-up specialist.
[]Revamp your wardrobe.
[]Get a complete makeover.
[]Say at the appropriate time, "Go ahead, make my day!"
[]Don't use technology for a week.
[]Throw a drink in someones face.
[]Communicate with an animal.
[]Be hypnotized.
[]Win a online bid.
[]Cook everything in a cook book.
[]Sew something wearable.
[]Meet someone famous.
[]Quit a bad habit.
[]Go to a Rodeo.
[]Find inner peace.
[]See a psychic.
[]Have a specialist read my aura.
[]Invest in the stock market.
[]Pass on a family heirloom to my child.
[]Write a letter to each of my children telling them what I want them to know about my life and the lessons I've learned.
[]Publish one of my poems or short stories.
[]See a 49ers game in person.
[]Live in an apartment with my friends.
[]Fit into a size seven/eight.
[]Learn to play my favorite song on the guitar.
[]Grow my own food.
[]Stay at a bed and breakfast.
[]Find the perfect little black dress.
[]Ride in a limo.
[]Stop caring.
[]Complete a journal.
[]Tip a waitress/waiter one hundred dollars.
[]Do a fist bump with a police officer in uniform.
[]Visit a haunted house.
[]Buy flowers for someone for no reason at all.
[]Milk a cow.
[]Visit a Renaissance fair.
[]Learn to belly dance.
[]Become a vegetarian, for a week.
[]Get in a taxi and yell, "follow that car!"
[]Learn to play poker.
[]Take up astronomy.
[]Get my palm read.
[]Rope a animal.
[]Get a colored belt in Karate.

[]Travel the world.
[]See the 2014 World Cup.
[]Survive a huge storm.
[]Star gaze in the Sahara Desert.
[]Buy something really expensive.
[]Climb the Eiffel Tower.
[]Go to carnival at Rio De Janeiro.
[]Go to the superbowl.
[]Finding and marrying the love of my life.
[]Go on a cruise.
[]Explore the grand canyon.
[]Spend new years in time square.
[]Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands.
[]Visit a castle.
[]Witness a miracle
[]Photograph a classy nude photoshoot.
[]Be called mommy.
[]Gamble in Vegas.
[]Attach a lock to a love bridge.
[]Adopt a child.
[]Run a half marathon.
[]Model in New York.
[]Go on a helicopter ride.
[]Go Hiking in the rain forest.
[]Sleep in an overnight Train.
[]Play with dolphins.
[]Ride an elephant.
[]See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre.
[]Ride in a horse-drawn carriage in NYC.
[]Do research at the Library of Congress.
[]See the Stonehenge in UK.
[]See The Great Wall of China.
[]Visit all 7 continents.
[]Live in a different country for six months.
[]Stay at the Ice Hotel in Sweden.
[]Visit all 50 states
[]Attend The Day of the Dead.
[]Attend Mardi Gras.
[]Buy jewelry at Tiffany & Co.
[]Visit a penthouse on 5th Ave.
[]Go to Roswell and look for UFO's.
[]Eat at one of the top restaurant in the world.
[]Win over one thousand dollars in a lottery or raffle.
[]Hand out hundred dollar bills to total strangers.
[]Go to a Greek wedding.
[]Shop in NYC spending more than 500 dollars.
[]Have a Baby.
[]Discover my life purpose.
[]Make the front page of the newspaper.
[]Be happy.

[✓]Talk on the phone for eight hours straight.
[✓]Climb the Seattle Space Needle.
[✓]Go on a ship.
[✓]Slow dance in the rain.
[✓]Dance on stage in a club in a cage.
[✓]Go bowling in a tutu.
[✓]Learn to Ice Skate.
[✓]Go to a big day spa.
[✓]Do something against your better judgement.
[✓]Get a henna tattoo.
[✓]Go camping.
[✓]Learn to swim or enough not to drown.
[✓]Have a star named after me.
[✓]Visit the Four Corners.
[✓]Climb up the Statue of Liberty.
[✓]Mud wrestle.
[✓]See the Christ Redeemer in Brasil.
[✓]Go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
[✓]See a Broadway play.
[✓]Fly first class somewhere.
[✓]Attend a Military Ball.
[✓]Collect something.
[✓]Learned to read palms
[✓]Kiss a Ginger.
[✓]Shoot a sniper rifle.