Low Blow

You know you really haven't blogged in a long time when you forget your own blog URL. That's pretty depressing. I was looking over my blog and I realized the main reasons why I stopped blogging.

1. Lack of time, energy or motivation.
2. I don't like my blog background.
3. I don't like my blog name.
4. Lack of feedback or content to write about.

So I have decided to try this again. I'm going to try and be more diligent to my true blogging self. I missed blogging and all the memories and happiness that I've put into it, I also miss reading blogs too. I'm going to start to write in my own blog and also read other blogs. I'm also going to change everything about my blog for a new fresh feel. I don't know if any of my followers still read my blog but if you do I hope you know how appreciative I feel. Hopefully you will be hearing from me sometime soon.


ruthie.von said...

Huzzah! Huzzah!
Welcome back!

Jessica Hutcheson said...

yay!! we missed you.