Jumping off roofs

If you are wondering why he is wearing a life jacket he has epilepsy.
This summer I had one goal, to remain single. You always hear about the summer flings and how they never last. That was not what I was looking for, then again at this point I had given up on dating. It was on my back burner as I had so much going on with my family and my health. I ended up getting in trouble that weekend and wasn't allowed to leave the house or go to work. I calmed my parents down and and somehow I ended up staying with a friend of mine to help her take care of her new son. She invited me onto a non-blind double date. By that she meant go to dinner with two of her male friends in which one would pay for me but it wouldn't be a formal date, I thought why not (little did I know that I was about to meet my dream guy). We got into her lifted truck which is the equivalent to trying to mount a horse and were on our way. We sat in the Fred Meyers parking lot and started dancing to country music while the baby slept in the back seat. Eventually tired of waiting for the guys we decided to drive to Denny's where we would just meet up with them. Elisha got a call an told me to answer so I did.
     Andrew: Hello. 
     Me: Hey. 
     Andrew:Who is this? 
     (according to Andrew he knew it wasn't Elisha because I had a "cuter" voice)
     Me: Who is this?
     Andrew: This is Andrew.
     Me: Well this is Sabrina.
     Andrew: Oh are you her friend? Where are you guys? Were at the Seattle Denny's hopefully you guys went there.
     (I told Elisha what he said and she freaked out)
     Me: Were at a different Denny's, now what?
As I said this we saw them parked outside of the same Denny's so she told me to hang up and so I did. I didn't get much of a glance at the guys until they started walking towards the truck. When I jumped out of the truck all they could see were my cowboy boots and tanned legs I shut the truck door and was blown away. I can't explain the feeling I had when I saw him. I almost lost my breath, seriously I totally swooned for him. He was everything I had ever looked for in a guy (tall, handsome, blue eyes etc) I knew things were looking to be too good to be true and they were. Unfair life came kicking me in my nonexistent balls when Elisha introduced me to Eric his friend who would be my date for the night. I was a little bummed but figured Andrew would never go for a girl like me so I brushed it off. Throughout the night I couldn't help but stare at him and everything he said I'd laugh at, like a little girl. Leaving for the night I figured I'd never see him again and was trying to convince myself to get over him even though I hadn't even known him a couple hours. The next day at the fair he hunted us down and sat by me. I was surprised and even more surprised when later that night he asked Elisha for my number which took her almost four hours to give him. That night he asked me if I wanted to go on a date and we did. A month later we are still dating, no summer fling here. Its honestly feels like my very first relationship. There is something very different about this and I guess when they say you know, you really do know. All my problems seem so small with him in my life. I am so grateful for God putting him in my life I am truly blessed.
On a lighter note I decided to share a little of what we did this last weekend he likes to think he is a bit of a daredevil. After it stops recording he falls out of the pool I wish it had captured it. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

its crazy how things work out sometimes. i wish you two lots of happiness!